John Kreinces’ Cantorial CDs

The CBZ Cantor and Choir Director, Dr. John Kreinces, has a Rosh Hashanah CD for the High Holidays.


This CD contains all of the melodies sung at the Musaf service. The unique aspect of the work is that it contains a choir of up to nine voices ranging from basso profundo to soprano and…
ALL of the voices are John’s own, being layered over the main part one at a time with the aid of video synchronized conducting.

This High Holidays CD is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated 28 page booklet
containing translations and transliterations of all the tracks.

The CD is available for $25.00 thru the Synagogue’s gift shop
or from for $20.00 + S&H.
All proceeds will be donated to Congregation B’nai Zion.

It is a great companion CD to John’s Shabbat Morning Service CD which he created 2 years ago,
and is also available for $25.00 thru the Synagogue’s gift shop. Every member and friend of CBZ should own copies of these delightful CD’s. Give these as gifts this holiday season.

They are wonderful and truly works of art by John.

If you are visiting Key West, please join us for Saturday Morning Shabbot Service (9:30).

John CD1

Here’s what some folks have to say about John and his CD:

“These are beautiful and soulful melodies sung by an accomplished artist. Just listening brings back wonderful childhood memories of the holidays. This is a special CD that inspires and lifts the spirit.”
Kim T. Gordon

I have always enjoyed the “High Holiday” services, participating from the back of the house.
This year, after listening to John’s great new CD, I was able to learn the songs well enough to be a part of the choir. It made the world of difference and enhanced the services immensely.”
Jeffrey Levin

The glorious music on the new CD is made hauntingly beautiful by John’s “choir of one”.
It is hard to believe that those layers and layers of harmony are just one person — what a feat!
And the crisp percussion here and there adds another dimension to the overall enjoyment. I love it!
Jane Dawkins