Yahrzeit & Gift Donations

Our Yahrzeit tradition remembers family members and friends on the anniversary of their passing by reciting Kaddish, lighting a yahrtzeit candle and making an offering of tzedekah.

Mitzvot and charitable giving are signifcant ways to memorialize those who have loved and influenced us after their passing. Congregation B’nai Zion graciously appreciates these donations for the betterment of our community and Jewish life in the Florida Keys.

To make a yahrzeit donation, please CLICK HERE and include the name of your loved one in the “Write a Note” section of donation page.

Our Congregation recognizes the following recent yahrzeit & gift donations:

Sue & Norm PollackIn Memory of Sue’s brother, Philip Wilks
Bob & Hazel Hans and Glenn Collins & Phyllis MayIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Paul TuchmanIn Honor of CBZ, with gratitude for the warm welcome.
Generous DonorIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Bob & Sandy FrankenbushIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Louise RossIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Ken & Emily WachsbergerIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Don & Judi WachsbergerIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Sherene HalkoIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Diana HellerIn Memory of Estelle Heller, mother
Kenny WeschlerGeneral Donation
Leonard & Joy DavisIn Memory of Harley & Arlene
Kim Gordon & Steven MiznerIn Memory of Samuel Gordon, father
Alan & Paula GoldbergIn Memory of Thelma Delnick
Annette Ring & Hilarie LawlorIn Memory of Maurice Ring
Mildred VaronIn Memory of Isaac Passo
Mildred VaronIn Memory of Sophie Passo
Jack EinhornIn Memory of Rose Einhorn
Howard & Elyse SpialterIn Memory of Scott Stanley
Mitchell AppelrouthIn Memory of Rose Weintraub, grandmother; Daniel Appelrouth, brother