Yahrzeit & Gift Donations

Our Yahrzeit tradition remembers family members and friends on the anniversary of their passing by reciting Kaddish, lighting a yahrtzeit candle and making an offering of tzedekah.

Mitzvot and charitable giving are signifcant ways to memorialize those who have loved and influenced us after their passing. Congregation B’nai Zion graciously appreciates these donations for the betterment of our community and Jewish life in the Florida Keys.

To make a yahrzeit donation, please CLICK HERE and include the name of your loved one in the “Write a Note” section of donation page.

Our Congregation recognizes the following recent yahrzeit & gift donations:

Sheldon Davidson & Susan ServerIn Memory of Celeste W. & Jack C. Horberg and Betty & Philip Davidson
The End of the Road Ukelele GangGeneral Donation
Donna FeldmanIn Memory of Jack Einhorn
Susan SamrickIn Memory of Phillip Movitz
Louise RossIn Memory of Jack Einhorn
Eleanor AppelIn Memory of Jack Einhorn
Larry PerllIn Memory of Aunt Clara
Diane NeedlemanIn Memory of Diane Tolbert Covan
Larry & Carol AbramovitzIn Memory of Jack Einhorn
Barbara & Creighton WebbIn Memory of Estelle Glantz
Carol WilksIn Memory of Jack Einhorn
Chick & KaroIn Memory of Celia Chick
Mitchell AppelrouthIn Memory of Isadore Appelrouth
Arnold & Bonnie GoldsmithIn Memory of Sidney Kaplan
Stanley & Judith ZabarIn Memory of Lillian Zabar
Karen Leonard & Aaron WechterIn Memory of Ethel Wechter
Ellen Booth Church & Jerald LevineIn Memory of Sidney Levine
Barbara & Creighton WebbHappy Birthday, Justin!
Sidney GoldmanIn Memory of Sybil Goldman
Sidney GoldmanIn Memory of Stephen Kay, MD
Frank MenditchIn Memory of Barney & Miriam Menditch
Gerry KaneIn Memory of Our Mom, Bertha, and Sister, Marsha
Daniel & Judith DeutschIn Memory of Diane Tolbert Covan
Lillian GrossmanIn Memory of Meyer Roy Grossman
Stanley CoiraHigh Holiday Appeal
David Lebwohl & Glenda DonovanGeneral Donation
Ellen Booth Church & Jerald LevineIn Memory of Sidney Levine, father
Mary Beth & Robert MandelkornThank You for Your Kindness and Welcome!
Lowell & Alice ChickIn Memory of Sidney Karo
Barry & Marla ShainmanIn Memory of Sidney Levine
Jordan & Sandra BernsteinIn Honor of Jordan Bernstein Called to Torah
Michael & Judie KlitenickIn Memory of Leon Lipner and Norman Klitenick
David MooreIn Memory of Celia Kessler Moore and Milton Appel
Rietta & Harvey MarksIn Memory of Ida Margil and Anna Nitshin
Maxine PollackGeneral Donation
Diana HellerIn Memory of Arthur Heller
Drs. Marty & Helene GreenbergM3M Sponsor
Eleanor AppelIn Memory of Milton Appel & Lillie Appel
Leonard & Joy DavisIn Memory of Leo Brenner, father
Michael & Janet KassIn Memory of Milton Appel, uncle
Drs. Bill & Beverly GoldnerIn Memory of Jack Einhorn
Alan & Linda SolomonIn Memory of Bernard Solomon
Toba CohenIn Memory of Edward Cohen
Mitchell AppelrouthIn Memory of Ivan Appelrouth
Karen Leonard & Aaron WechterIn Memory of Israel Wechter and Joseph Leonard
Ted & Stephanie DeutschThank You For Your Hospitality!