Yahrzeit Donations

Our Yahrzeit tradition remembers family members and friends on the anniversary of their passing by reciting Kaddish, lighting a yahrtzeit candle and making an offering of tzedekah.

Mitzvot and charitable giving are signifcant ways to memorialize those who have loved and influenced us after their passing. Congregation B’nai Zion graciously appreciates these donations for the betterment of our community and Jewish life in the Florida Keys.

To make a yahrzeit donation, please CLICK HERE and include the name of your loved one in the “Write a Note” section of donation page.

Our Congregation recognizes the following recent yahrzeit contributions:

Gilbert & Joyce WalkerIn Memory of Our Loved Ones
Ronald & Iris LisztIn Memory of Clara Liszt
Eleanor AppelIn Memory of Rubin Appel
Alan & Linda SolomonIn Memory of Lillian Goodsmith
Sidney & Deborah GoldmanIn Memory of Perry Goldman
C. Gary ZahlerIn Memory of Edward David Zahler
Phyllis G. RoummIn Memory of David Lynn Roumm
Mitchell AppelrouthIn Memory of Willian H. (Billy) Appelrouth
Arnold & Bonnie GoldsmithIn Memory of Phyllis Goldsmith
Justin & Eileen KawalerIn Memory of Sheri Rice Brown
Elias GerthIn Memory of Teja D. Gerth, MD
B.G.CarterIn Memory of Joe Levy
Larry & Carol AbramovitzIn Memory of Gail Roth & Ruth Roth
Tina & Jamie WebbIn Memory of Neal Farr
Pamela DychesIn Memory of Neal Farr
Cassandra KrowlIn Memory of Neal Farr
Ed & Nancy SwiftIn Memory of Neil Farr
Stanley CoiraIn Memory of Bernard Coira
Maxine MakoverIn Memory of Max & Montine Parker
C. Gary ZahlerIn Memory of Byrdie Zahler
Helen AppelIIn Memory of Leroy L. Appel, MD
Eleanor AppelIn Memory of Marilyn Kippelman Matsil & Raphael Ray Tenner
Bruce YorkIn Memory of Sol York
Howard SacarobIn Memory of Neal Farr
Michael & Janet KassIn Memory of Neal Farr
Fred GreenbergIn Memory of Linda Greenberg
Philip & Carol WilksIn Memory of Ida Wilks
Michael EinhornIn Memory of Harry Rosenthal
Charles & Carol FischmanIn Memory of Neal Farr
Louise G. RossIn Memory of Bill Schwartz
Jordan & Sandra BersteinIn Memory of Samuel Bolotin
Joy & Leonard DavisIn Memory of Marion Brenner
Ross AppelIn Memory of Neal Farr
Larry & Carol AbramovitzIn Memory of Ruth Abramovitz
Sheldon Davidson & Susan ServerIn Memory of  Celeste W. & Jack C. Horberg and Betty & Philip Davidson
Stanley & Judith ZabarIn Memory of Lillian Zabar
Eleanor AppelIn Memory of Neal Farr
Robert SherIn Memory of Eva Sher
Sidney & Deborah GoldmanIn Memory of Stephen Kay, MD
Harris & Linda EstroffIn Memory of Neal Farr
Mitchell AppelrouthIn Memory of Isadore Appelrouth
Howard SacarobIn Memory of Betty Caplan
Mae McMahanIn Memory of My Family
David & Glenda LebwohlIn Memory of Abe & Edith Landsman
Lynn GrossmanIn Memory of Meyer Roy Grossman
Jeffrey GroskyIn Memory of Ella Grosky
Larry & Carol AbramovitzIn Memory of Sidney Roth
Ellen Church & Jerald LevineIn Memory of Sidney Levine
Michael EinhornIn Memory of David Einhorn
Arnold & Bonnie GoldsmithIn Memory of Sidney Kaplan
Robert SherIn Memory of Moe Sher
Lowell & Alice ChickIn Memory of Celia Chick
Diana HellerIn Memory of Arthur Heller
Barry & Marla ShainmanIn Memory of Sidney Levine
Betty KreitzmanIn Memory of Horace Kreitzman
Dean BiltonIn Memory of Paula Bilton
Mitchell AppelrouthIn Memory of Ivan Appelrouth
Judy & Jerry BrownsteinIn Memory of Neal Farr
Eleanor AppelIn Memory of Milton Appel
Karen Leonard & Aaron WechterIn Memory of Israel Paul Wechter
Alan & Linda SolomonIn Memory of Bernard Solomon & William Goodsmith
Jerald LevineIn Memory of Sarah Levine
George & Diane DumiganIn Memory of Sarah Kawaler
Dr. Steve & Marilyn OppenheimerIn Memory of Sarah Kawaler