Yahrzeit & Gift Donations

Our Yahrzeit tradition remembers family members and friends on the anniversary of their passing by reciting Kaddish, lighting a yahrtzeit candle and making an offering of tzedekah.

Mitzvot and charitable giving are signifcant ways to memorialize those who have loved and influenced us after their passing. Congregation B’nai Zion graciously appreciates these donations for the betterment of our community and Jewish life in the Florida Keys.

To make a yahrzeit donation, please CLICK HERE and include the name of your loved one in the “Write a Note” section of donation page.

Our Congregation recognizes the following recent yahrzeit & gift donations:

David & Susan SamrickKiddush Sponsor
Rachelle EliasIn Memory of Rose Einhorn
Unity of The KeysTithe donation
Jordan & Sandra BernsteinGeneral Fund Donation
Anne Simon MoffatKiddush Sponsor – In Honor of Keith’s Birthday
Dean BiltonKiddush Sponsor
Jordan & Sandra BernsteinIn Memory of Ben Bernstein
Robert SherIn Memory of Walter Sher
Eleanor AppelIn Memory of Jean Kippelman
Benjamin HershensonIn Memory of Harry Hershenson
Victoria & Mark D’AgostinoIn Memory of Edward Cohen
Neal RuchmanIn Memory of Harriet Ruchman
Neal RuchmanIn Memory of Mary Allard
AnonymousIn Memory of Edward Cohen
Neal RuchmanIn Memory of Harry Samuel Allard
Rachelle EliasIn Honor of Robbie Sher for his good deeds, Kol haKavod & thank you!
Kim Gordon & Steven MiznerIn Memory of Bernyce Gordon
Leonard & Joy DavisIn Memory of Harley & Arlene
Raymond & Barbara SponderIn Honor of Nancy & Mark Funt and Rick & Brenda Bodner
Alan & Paul GoldbergIn Memory of Thelma Delnick
Jack EinhornIn Memory of Rose Einhorn
Annette Ring & Hilarie LawlorIn Memory of Maurice Ring
Mildred VaronIn Memory of Isaac Passo
Mildred VaronIn Memory of Sophie Passo
Kenny WeschlerGeneral Fund Donation
Howard & Elyse SpialterIn Memory of Scott Stanley
Mitchell AppelrouthIn Memory of Rose Weintraub, grandmother; Daniel Appelrouth, brother
Larry & Carol AbramovitzGeneral donation
Elias GerthIn Memory of Abraham Laufer
David & Glenda LebwohlIn Memory of Joann Lebwohl Sands
John DeWald & Stephen KitsakosIn Memory of Shirley & Bernie Harris
Michele BrunschvigIn Memory of Yvette & Jean Brunschwig
Mae McMahanKiddush Sponsor – In Memory of My Family
Teresa MenendezKiddush Sponsor – In Memory of Martha Menendez
Moe & Gayle SafenovitzIn Memory of Philip Wilks
C. Gary ZahlerIn Memory of Sanford F. Zahler, MD
Ellen & Jamie MeltzerIn Memory of Muriel & Joseph Meltzer
Rafi & Ellen GviliIn Memory of Kathe Niepage, Gudrun Erding, Hans-Joachim Erding
Arnold & Yael HermelinIn Memory of Harry Hershenson
Howard & Elyse SpialterGeneral Fund Donation
Alan & Paula GoldbergPassover Chametz Sale
Phyllis G.  RoummGeneral Fund Donation
Larry & Carol AbramovitzKiddush Sponsor
Edward & Toba CohenKiddush Sponsor
Eleanor AppelIn Memory of Jack Appel
Ira VaronIn Memory of Jack Varon
Maxine MakoverIn Memory of Standford Makover
Stanley CoiraIn Memory of Esther Coira
Merle & Susan DimbathKiddush Sponsor
Alan & Linda SolomonIn Memory of Lillian Solomon
Connie AppelrouthIn Memory of Robert Appelrouth
Mae McMahanIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Sally & Arnold YoungIn Memory of Pearl Sandler Lewin & Halfert Lewinsky
Philip & Carol WilksIn Memory of Hyman Wilks & Morris Goldstein, fathers
Jordan & Sandra BernsteinIn Memory of Miriam Bernstein, Mother
Sidney & Deborah GoldmanIn Memory of Lillian Kay
Mitchell AppelrouthIn Memory of Robert Appelrouth, brother
Arnold & Yael HermelinKiddush Sponsor
Mae McMahanKiddush Sponsor – In Honor of June Birthdays
George & Diane DumiganKiddush Sponsor – In Honor of Their Wedding Anniversary
Maxine MakoverIn Honor of Mae McMahan’s birthday
AnonymousIn Memory of Philip Wilks
Sidney & Deborah GoldmanIn Memory of David Haskell Kay
Maxine MakoverIn Memory of David Samrick
Alan & Paul GoldbergIn Memory of Jeanne Goldberg, Benjamin Delnick, Stanley Goldberg
Stanley & Judith ZabarIn Memory of Louis Segal
Phyllis RoummIn Memory of Milton Roumm
Larry & Carol AbramovitzIn Memory of Philip Roth & Meyer Abramovitz
Bounce & Karen Grant-MargilIn Memory of Barbara Edelstein Grant, Sheldon Grant, Gerald Margil
Betty KreitzmanIn Memory of Andrew Kreitzman
Martin & Helene GreenbergKiddush Sponsor – In Honor of Marty’s Birthday
Dean BiltonKiddush Sponsor