Because B’nai Zion is a small congregation, revenues from our annual membership fees do not cover the cost of running the synagogue, the grounds, the Rabbi’s salary, the CBZ Key West Cemetery, the CBZ Big Coppitt Cemetery, the utilities, shabbat dinners, and many cultural and educational events.

More money is always needed. CBZ is here for your cultural and spiritual needs.


Do a mitzvah … Donate generously to CBZ.

CLICK HERE to Donate to Congregation B’nai Zion

Through the year CBZ’s Fund Raising Committee puts on events such as the Chanukah and Purim parties as well as a Theater night to raise money, and to cover the costs of events. Please always support these terrific Jewish cultural events.


During Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur there is the High Holiday Appeal at CBZ. CBZ, unlike most synagogues, does not charge for seats during the High Holiday services.


Here are some ways how members and non members can generously give to support Congregation B’nai Zion.

• Make a Yahrzeit Donation in memory of a loved one. •

• Purchase a Leaf or a Stone on the Tree of Life to honor a Special Person or Special Event. •

• CBZ members can purchase a Yahrzeit Plaque to honor the Memory of a Loved one. •

• Sponsor a Shabbat Kiddush to honor a Special Person or Event. •

• Donate to the Cemetery Fund to help maintain the grounds and upkeep of the cemeteries. •

• Buy a Day…The cost of keeping the synagogue running is now about $650.00 per day … Buy a day or two! •

We’ll honor you in the newsletter and at shabbat services.

From generation to generation …

We must ensure CBZ is there for our next generation of Jewish citizens of Key West