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Congregation B’nai Zion again is pleased to be presenting Movies on the 3rd Monday from November to April.  2023 – 2024 schedule listed below.

Doors open at 7:00 pm, films begin at 7:30 pm and are followed by light refreshments in the social hall.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information about the movies or sponsorship. 

Monday, November 13 @ 7:30 pm – Deli Man

Sponsored by Diane & George Dumigan

This documentary focuses on Ziggy Gruber, who co-owns a large deli in Houston and is also the grandson of the original owner of the Rialto Deli, the first Kosher deli to open on Broadway in New York City in the 1920s. The deli is the main love in this man’s life. While the film also covers other famous Jewish delis in Manhattan, Queens, Los Angeles and San Francisco and their histories, the emphasis is on the cultural aspects of the food and how the culture and the desire for this food is disappearing. There were once thousands of these delis and now there’s fewer than 150 left in the entire U.S. Such luminaries as Larry King, Jerry Stiller, Fyvush Finkel and Freddy Roman as well as various deli owners express their love for the culture and the food.


Monday, December 18 @ 7:30 pm – Orchestra of Exiles

Sponsored by Carol & Larry Abramovitz

This film explores the odyssey of Polish violinist Bronislaw Huberman, which culminates in the founding of the orchestra that would become the Israel Philharmonic. His fascinating story touches many of the major themes of the 20th century and the unfolding drama of his life is riveting. During the darkest days of a Europe being torn apart by anti- Semitism and Nazi aggression, Huberman’s extraordinary efforts saved hundreds of Jewish families from the approaching holocaust and his achievements changed the landscape of cultural history. Before the Nazis came to power Huberman was focused only on building his own monumental career but witnessing Hitler’s agenda was a call to action that Huberman could not ignore. Huberman’s personal transformation and subsequent heroic struggle to get Jewish musicians out of Europe to found this orchestra will be at the heart of this film.


Monday, January 15 @ 7:30 pm – A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto

Sponsored by Sharon & Bruce Mineroff

In modern-day Rome, teenager Sofia lives a carefree life. An apprentice musician, she spends a lot of time practicing her instrument, the violin. One day, while in the barn at her family home, she comes across some documents that catch her eye. They evoke the Shoah, a tragedy that was only theoretical for her. With the help of a group of friends, she tries to find out more about how her family is linked to it.


Monday, February 19 @ 7:30 pm – Farewell, Mr. Haffman

Sponsored by Sheldon Davidson & Susan Server and Eileen & Justin Kawaler

Paris 1942. François Mercier is an ordinary man who only aspires to start a family with the woman he loves, Blanche. He is also the employee of a talented jeweler, Mr. Haffmann. But faced with the German occupation, the two men will have no other choice but to conclude an agreement whose consequences, over the months, will upset the fate of our three characters.


Monday, March 18 @ 7:30 pm – Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

Sponsored by Joyce & Ron Burd

HALLELUJAH: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song is a definitive exploration of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen as seen through the prism of his internationally renowned hymn, Hallelujah. This feature-length documentary weaves together three creative strands: The songwriter and his times. The song’s dramatic journey from record label reject to chart-topping hit. And moving testimonies from major recording artists for whom Hallelujah has become a personal touchstone. Approved for production by Leonard Cohen just before his 80th birthday in 2015, the film accesses a wealth of never-before-seen archival materials from the Cohen Trust including Cohen’s personal notebooks, journals and photographs, performance footage and extremely rare audio recordings and interviews.


Monday, April 15 @ 7:30 pm – The Man in the Basement

Sponsored by Teresa & Peter Rysman

After a Jewish couple (Jérémie Renier and The Artist’s Bérénice Bejo) sells their basement to a former history teacher (The Intouchables’ François Cluzet), they discover his secret life as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist. As the couple struggles to rescind the sale, the buyer befriends their naive teenage daughter.